If West Virginia’s flagship university can be said to have a true center—if our State of Minds has a heart and soul—it is the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. The College provides 60 percent of the undergraduate education offered at WVU and a range of scholarship that includes nothing less than the scope of human endeavors throughout history. All we are, all we have done, all we know—these are the landscapes of study and discovery in the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

Given its size and scope—more than 8,060 students pursuing 34 undergraduate majors, 20 master’s and 11 doctoral programs, over 525 talented, committed faculty—it can be difficult to describe. Areas of emphasis can be broadly defined as the humanities (who we are and what we believe), the natural sciences (all we know about the world), and the social sciences (how we live and interact). An education in the arts and sciences can be very specific or very versatile and flexible—and often both. Eberly is also a leader in forging interdisciplinary and international research and education. Looking torward a global future and economy that will require multiple skills and creative and quick thinking, the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences offers exactly the kind of preparation and skill set needed for success.

Even with all the intellectual ground covered by the College, everyone in our diverse learning community is united by a group of powerful commitments and focal points. We will continue to think far beyond the Ivory Tower to tomorrow’s workforce and tomorrow’s economy, in West Virginia and beyond. Our students will graduate with real-world skills, knowledge, and a State of Mind that will put them in a strong position for productivity, jobs, and leadership. The Eberly College is focused on careers and results.

We also will continue to leverage and combine the extraordinary range of our research base, creating interdisciplinary linkages that drive innovation for West Virginia and our nation. The economy and the future will be our inspirations and a big part of our job description.

The need is clear. The people and industries of West Virginia and the region expect much from us: knowledge, research, boldness, bright ideas, and bright graduates. We can and will exceed those expectations, but only with your generosity and commitment.

The Trajectory of Success

The Eberly College of Arts and Sciences is in its strongest position ever with growing national prominence, powerful academic and research programs, and expanding global connections. As a marker of our success, the College is a nationally ranked leader in many areas, including psychology, forensic and investigative science, public administration, creative writing, and communication studies. Eberly College faculty have received millions of dollars in external research funding, proposed hundreds of innovative new projects, and filed numerous patent applications for new ideas, products, and technologies. A multidisciplinary team of faculty and staff from the Eberly College successfully submitted and received a $3.2 million National Science Foundation grant to promote participation and leadership by women in science, technology, engineering, and math. In 2011, seven of the eight West Virginia University Foundation Order of Augusta award winners, the University’s most prestigious student honor, were majors in the Eberly College.

It is clear that the trajectory of the College continues to be up and forward. But it is equally clear that there is much more to be done to meet the needs of our community, our state, and our region. A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University is both the engine and the pathway to reach our goals. We must add additional resources in the areas of research and graduate education, which are direct drivers of good things for West Virginia’s economic future. We must enrich undergraduate learning and opportunities in pace with the demands and possibilities of a global future we can’t fully predict. And we must become the kind of place to teach, study, and work that draws the best and the brightest from around the world.

For any of that to happen, the College—partnered with you—must invest in new facilities, new programs, and new collaborations. Our resources must match the talents and aspirations of our students and faculty. And our outcomes must directly benefit the economic health of West Virginia.

Priorities for Tomorrow

T he Eberly College of Arts and Sciences has identified essential funding priorities through A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University that, with your vital support, will power our accomplishments in education and research in the coming decade. Our priorities begin with students and go on to address our many responsibilities to our community. They center around creating future-focused facilities, attracting the best and the brightest (students and teachers), educating students well, preparing students for virtually anything, placing them in careers where they will succeed, and supporting faculty as they discover new ideas and create new possibilities.

  • Undergraduate Student Support and Enhanced Learning
  • Enrich Graduate Learning and Increase Student Enrollment
  • Increase Faculty Research and Discovery
  • Become the Place to Work

To learn more about these funding priorities contact Marnie Dacko at 304-293-7297. To learn more about the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences visit