A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University, is about impact. It's about a meaningful commitment to people everywhere—to society itself. West Virginia is a State of Minds. Thinkers. Dreamers. Caregivers. Educators. Innovators. Healers. The Campaign for West Virginia’s University celebrates all we are and all we can be.

Ellen Aguilera, ’16


“I want to serve as a role model for other students like me.”

Chaz McIntire '16

Athletic Coaching Education

“I’ve always been involved with coaching in some aspect. It felt like the right place to be.”

Alec Salakovich ’17

Chemical Engineering

“I like the idea of applying science to solving problems.”

Catherine Hefner ‘16

Forensic and Investigative Science

“I could have dealt with my experience in many different ways, but the path I chose was more rewarding.”

Colin Frosch '15

Civil Engineering

“The Foundation was built here at WVU to give us, as students, opportunities and capabilities to accomplish many incredible things”

Morgan Nowery '15

Biology Minors Health Promotion major and minor in Applied & Environmental Microbiology

“I am so grateful for the many experiences that have forever influenced who I am and the kind of person I have grown in to.”

Anthony Braxton '16

Marketing major & philosophy minor

“We are all benefiting from something that somebody else did for us.”