A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University, is about impact. It's about a meaningful commitment to people everywhere—to society itself. West Virginia is a State of Minds. Thinkers. Dreamers. Caregivers. Educators. Innovators. Healers. The Campaign for West Virginia’s University celebrates all we are and all we can be.

Lindsey Keplinger ‘18

B.S. in Biology

“I want to build a relationship with my patients and earn their trust.”

Kate Staples, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in History

“One of the strongest skills students can leave college with is the ability to write concisely, cogently, effectively."

Saiph Savage, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Computer Science

"It's about getting the best out of each person."

Cristin Dolan ‘19

Chemical engineering

“I want to be someone who designs an accessible, approachable version of a prosthetic that is available to rural communities that don’t have access to hospitals.”

Ahmed Haque ’18

Chemical Engineering and French

“One of the things I saw growing up here was just how medically underserved West Virginia is. Because of that, I really want to give back to the people of this state.”

Allison Zalesky, ‘19

Finance and marketing

“It’s been great to get to know others who have been able to succeed and help the business school.”

Making An Impact

School of Medicine

“I received the Mountaineer Medical Scholarship and the Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Carr Scholarship,” said Lippy. “Receiving the scholarships really allowed me to attend medical school and made me realize becoming a physician was not out of reach for me.”