Dr. Timothy Carr came to WVU because of the opportunities an endowed professorship gave him. He is one of dozens of scholars devoted to finding clean, sustainable energy solutions and alternatives—and he’s part of WVU’s impressive academic enterprise.

WVU is home to the first institute devoted to the study of human memory. We have been named the academic arm of the FBI’s Biometric Center of Excellence. Our forest scientists cloned the nearly eradicated American chestnut. Our scholars are tackling issues related to childhood obesity, clean water, character education, and economics. They are writing books, winning awards, and garnering research funding.

Because of talented people with big ideas, the WVU academic enterprise is stronger than ever. Students are the first beneficiaries; they have the opportunity to learn from and work with leaders in their fields.

A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University is the vehicle through which we can compete for, attract, and retain nationally recognized scholars and experts to our faculty. Private support provides labs, grad students, professional development opportunities, and more—all of which allow us to continue to take on world-shaping research initiatives. With private support, we can position WVU—and West Virginia—for a brighter future.