‘State of Minds’ Campaign at $1.069 billion

January 18, 2017

Alumni and friends have donated $1.069 billion through Dec. 31, 2016.

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New pharmacy scholarship honors longtime West Virginia pharmacist

February 15, 2017

Providing students with the opportunity to thrive and receive a quality education is something our donors feel very strongly about. Suzanne and Timothy Fox...

WVU neurosurgeon and football team physician leaves lasting impact on community, honored with major gift

February 15, 2017

G. Robert “Bob” Nugent, M.D., one of the nation’s most respected neurosurgeons and a former physician for West Virginia University’s football team, spent 43...

Reynolds ‘transformational’ gift of $10 million to name main building at new WVU business school complex

February 10, 2017

Bob and Laura Reynolds have a history of giving back and making a difference through their philanthropy.

That was never more evident than today (...

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