There’s not a university in this country that means more to its state or a state that means more to its university. West Virginia University was founded in 1867 to teach agriculture and engineering to our citizens, but our founders could never have imagined how far our original mandate would take us or how powerful our impact would be 150 years later.

Today, we are defining what it means to be a land-grant university. We continue the tradition of providing access to education for our citizens. We address our state’s and our nation’s challenges through education, research, and service. These basic foundations on which we were established have come to mean so much to those we have served over the years.

Our researchers are changing lives by finding solutions to issues that impact people here and around the world. Our alumni are leaders in every walk of life. Our faculty, staff, and students are exemplary. We are partners with government, communities, businesses, K–12, and other colleges and universities, creating a vibrant economy, a healthier state, and prosperity for the next generations.

At WVU, applications are skyrocketing. Our research agenda is growing in prominence and impact. We are hiring faculty, rising in national rankings, and transforming our campus.

A State of Minds: The Campaign for West Virginia’s University is about the way we think and the way we feel. It’s about great minds finding solutions and cures, great minds in debate—and great minds that are passionate about one of the nation’s most vibrant universities.

Private support will continue to help us make a difference by giving us the resources we need to produce bold solutions and world-changing leaders. We invite you to join us.